Skofia Loka - Local and Tourist Information

The medieval town Skofja Loka is considered to be one of the most beautifully preserved medieval towns in Slovenia. Situated 26km from the capital Ljubljana, at the confluence of the Poljanska Sora and Selska Sora rivers, the town was the centre of the Loka dominion owned for 830 years by the Bishops of Freising. Loka castle built in 1200 and its museum is the principal tourist attraction in the town and houses a museum. The Capuchin bridge is another landmark. For the outdoors enthusiast walking in the Sokfia Loka hills is one of the main attractions of the area. A short drive out of the town, the church of Sveti Tomaz sat in green fields atop a hillock beneath a backdrop of mountains it is a photographer's dream, Every six years a passion play is staged in Skofia Loka. In winter months the Stari Vrh ski resort provides 12 kilometres of well maintained pistes

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